Governor Kate Brown Not Bothered by Indian Casino Gambling Anymore?

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, seems to be no longer bothered that much by possible casino expansion for local Indian Tribal nations.
Back in April 2016, she opposed the idea of the Coquille Tribe to open a small casino in Oregon, saying that it was important for the state to stick to its decision regarding the number of casinos on its territory. At the time, she explained that using the bowling alley in Medford to offer poker and bingo machines, as the Coquille Tribe wanted to do, could have a negative impact on local communities.
As Ms. Brown shared in a latter at the time, the state should not permit more casinos to be established, as such a step could lead to significant efforts for gambling expansion across the state which could be detrimental for the wider public well-being.

Governor Kate Brown: 'Hold the line' on more casinos in Oregon
— Yogonet News (@YogonetNews) April 14, 2016

Now, more than two years later, the Governor of Oregon does not seem much bothered by possible casino expansion anymore. Previously, an agreement was reached between the Cow Creek Tribe and Ms. Brown’s administration, with the Indian nation making a contribution of no less than US$115,000 into the Governor’s election campaign. Records say that there could be gambling expansion in Oregon as a kind of a joint venture between the tribe and the state, under the above-mentioned agreement.
Records show that the Cow Creek Tribe has made a number of contributions ranging from US$2,500 to US$10,000 to Ms. Brown’s campaigns since August 2008. These contributions have significantly increased to US$85,000 since Ms. Brown became Governor in 2015. Reportedly, most of the money came in three major contributions amounting to US$25,000 each.
Oregon Lottery Considering Possible Gambling Expansion
As revealed by lottery officials, the agreement in question allows state gambling operations to be established in an I-5 truck stop across the highway from Seven Feathers.
As a result, Governor Brown was blamed for being hypocritical. Scott Crowell, a Washington state lawyer specializing in Indian gambling issues, said that there was no logic at all in the Governor saying she was against gambling expansion in Oregon and then promote gambling through the Cow Creek Tribe agreement.
Matthew Shelby, a spokesman for the lottery told The Washington Times that the Oregon Lottery is being engaged with determining whether it was reasonable for the state to offer jackpot games, scratch tickets and keno at a local travel center which has been operated by the Cow Creek Tribe. As explained by Mr. Shelby, the profitability of such a decision is still being explored. Furthermore, the Oregon Lottery’s spokesman revealed that the state is considering a possible partnership with the Cow Creek Tribe to establish a kind of sportsbook joint venture.
The Coquille Tribe has always expressed its astonishment with the actions of the Oregon Governor’s administration. The Coquille Indian Tribal Council’s chair Ms. Brenda Meade shared that the agreement with the Cow Creek Tribe only came as another example of the Governor’s hypocrisy when it comes to tribal gaming, as Ms. Brown has been “preaching” against casino expansion but at the same time her administration has been engaged with activities which would increase the money flow to the Oregon Lottery and the Indian Tribe which the state’s Governor has been blamed to be favoring, turning Indian gambling concerns into political issues.

Third-Party Auditor to Oversee Anti-Money Laundering Compliance of Three BCLC Casinos

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) revealed that it has hired a third-party auditor as part of its actions to make sure that its Casino Service Providers are operating properly.
Earlier, BCLC has reiterated its commitment to help the province’s authorities to prevent illegal money laundering practices in BC casinos, so it now wants to ensure that all information regarding the source of players’ funds is recorded thoroughly and accurately.
The third-party auditor hired by the Corporation will be engaged with the monitoring of BCLC’s three busiest casinos and support their compliance with the Source of Funds declaration requirements. The latter were rolled out by the company in January this year after Dr. Peter German, the former deputy commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), made certain recommendations in his report regarding the alleged anti-money laundering practices in Lower Mainland casinos.
The initial monitoring of the compliance of the BCLC’s Service Providers proved that additional third-party scrutiny was necessary. As mentioned above, the auditor’s oversight is to be aimed at the information gathering practices of three BCLC casinos, including River Rock Casino Resort, Parq Vancouver and Grand Villa Casino.
Players Need to Provide Source-of-Funds Declaration for CA$10,000 Transactions
The BC Lottery Corporation is trying to make sure that the three aforementioned casinos are properly gathering the necessary information regarding the source of player funds for all money transactions exceeding CA$10,000. The third-party auditor’s monitoring is set to continue until the company is satisfied with the level of compliance demonstrated by its casino service providers.
Since January 10th, 2018, all money transactions amounting to CA$10,000 and more need to be accompanied with a source of funds declaration, which is required to feature certain requisites. Depending on the situation, casino players may also be asked to provide supporting banking documentation. These changes were implemented following the findings of Dr. Peter German, whose investigation into the BC casino industry showed massive irregularities and foul money-laundering practices.
Apart from the independent third-party monitoring, the BCLC is also working in collaboration with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), which oversees the overall source of funds process as part of its role of a gambling regulatory body in British Columbia.
Only recently, it became clear that the BCLC paid its investigators and their managers financial bonuses in the range from 3.6% to 9.6% at the time when alleged money-laundering practices have been taking place across the British Columbia’s Lower Mainland casinos. As Casino Reports has already revealed, the investigators and their managers received the bonuses in the four-year period from 2010 to 2014, based on certain financial targets of the Corporation, and on individual performance, too. This practice was ended in April 2014 after the province of British Columbia changed its policy to prevent such bonuses to be awarded to investigators.

Port Moody Mayor Has Casino Venue on His Mind ahead of Property Tax Jump

Port Moody might be well on its way to welcome casino operation in the foreseeable future, as Mayor Rob Vagramov recently pointed out. The possibility of gambling making its way in the area comes as a result of the property tax that could see an increase reaching 5.55 percent. A new casino venue could bring regular allocations generated by its gambling revenue, further boosting the local coffers.
Throughout the years gambling has been one of the approaches with guaranteed success when it comes to amassing revenue and seeing a fresh inflow of cash in a given community. Common practice in times of need is for local officials to consider introducing gambling as a way to make it through a rough patch. Players have the chance to enjoy their preferred pastime activity and the chance to win big, whilst the community benefits from the annual allocations generated as a result of this operation.
Casino Operation Could Offset Higher Property Tax
At the moment there is no gambling operation in the immediate vicinity of Port Moody, resulting in people driving several kilometers in order to reach the nearest casino venue. Hard Rock Casino located in Vancouver gives them the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of gambling activities after a 15-minute drive. There is also Grand Villa Casino Hotel and Conference Center in Burnaby located some 17 kilometers from Port Moody that is also able to offer premium gaming and accommodation experience.
Furthermore, Hastings Racecourse is also another location that has been able to attract local players not only with its live horse racing but also with the slot devices available on site and the game tables offering a lot. Port Moody’s Mayor made it clear that when it comes to the budget for this year, the tax base will have to undergo an expansion. The area could, therefore, benefit from the introduction of a casino venue that would retain players traveling to neighboring communities in addition to their cash.
Mayor Vagramov made it clear that the city should learn from the winning approach of Coquitlam, that has been benefitting from casino operation over the past years. Hard Rock has been able to draw quite the crowd to the region and boost not only the tourism sector but also the city coffers as a result of the regular cash allocations.
Public Feedback Expected until February 12
Even though the idea proposed by the Mayor might sound like a no-brainer to some people, given the booming gambling operation in the region, locals might give it the cold shoulder. It could be recalled that 2011 saw taxpayers vote against the then-proposed casino operation in Port Moody. During that civic election the overall attitude towards gambling appeared to be hostile, but what should be taken into account is that many thins might have changed over the span of the past nearly eight years.
Councilor Steve Milani stated that there is a chance that a casino venue could launch operator in the upcoming years. This is projected to offset the significant impact of the property tax that would witness a considerable surge this spring. However, locals should be aware that the original plan was for it to reach a 7.36-percent jump.
Members of the community have the chance to offer their feedback and chime in with proposals not only related to potential gambling venue but also how the situation could be alleviated. They could do so until February 12 with the help of the online form.

WCLC Adds Unclaimed CA$2M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot to CA$63M Leftover Cash Prizes

Unclaimed lottery prizes could be found in every province and there might be many reasons for this. One of the most recent cases of such delay occurred in Winnipeg where a CA$2-million ticket is looking forward to making its purchaser much richer. However, almost two weeks after the lucky draw the substantial prize remains unclaimed and this raises eyebrows across the province.
Even though people make plans for various occasions and strive to make them happen, often times life gets in the way of things and changes them entirely. There are many things that could happen between a lottery ticket purchase and the actual draw, which could explain the 10-day delay. It is true, however, that the Western Canada Lottery Corporation is looking forward to meeting the lucky winner who is now a multimillionaire.
Unclaimed CA$2-Million Jackpot Up for Grabs
Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are two of the most popular lottery offerings due to their generous cash rewards and the affordable ticket price. Millions of Canadians are looking forward to every weekly draw just to see whether they had become Canada’s next multimillionaire overnight. When it comes to this recent draw, the player has yet to contact the lottery corporation.
The lucky numbers were 2, 10, 19, 36, 39, and 43 and for the ticket purchaser, they might have a special significance. Often times players use the same number combination for years when participating in the lottery. Once the lottery draw has come to an end it all becomes a waiting game, as the player has a total of 52 weeks to claim their prize.
The Winnipeg individual would have to make a move in the foreseeable future or else the prize would return to the prize pool. Local players that had purchased tickets prior to the May 4 draw are encouraged to check their pockets, handbags, and drawers for potential forgotten or misplaced tickets that could change their future. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation could be reached at 1-800-665-3313.
Unclaimed Prizes Swell
Until the deadline for this jackpot comes, there are many other important dates that could see the expiration of jackpots worth millions of Canadian dollars. It should be highlighted that one of the largest jackpots in Canadian history, the Lotto MAX CA$60-million one has yet to be bagged. It could be claimed by a ticket sold in Edmonton, Alberta.
Whoever is in possession of this ticket has until October 26 to claim the record lottery jackpot. Another great prize still awaiting its winner is the CA$1-million MAXMILLIONS one. A ticket sold on June 1, 2018 in Calgary could claim the prize. The lucky numbers of this draw were 7, 8, 14, 20, 23, 27, 37. Another still unclaimed lottery prize amounts to CA$1 million and could soon make its way to Alberta.
June 8, 2018 was the special day for that player who has MAXMILLIONS to thank for their windfall and has until June 8, 2019 to bag their million. WCLC reports that the overall amount of unclaimed lottery jackpots reaches CA$63,400,705. There are prize claim offices in St. Albert, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg which look forward to welcoming the next Canadian lottery millionaire.

First Nation Ex-Chief Accused of Gambling Den Management Returns to Court this Fall

Illegal gambling is among the main reasons for the worsened money state of a given community including insufficient funds that could have otherwise been boosted by gaming allocations.
Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation’s former Chief Andrew Penashue was accused of managing an illegal gambling den in the First Nation community and now he has a trial date. He would have to return to the court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on November 26.
Gaming operation is able to boost a given community in many ways and just like everything it has its positive and negative features. A mandatory condition when overseeing any casino venue or gambling hall is that it has a license issued by the province that also includes allocations. A percentage of the gaming revenue amassed by the location is allocated to the host community as compensation.
Ex-Chief Faces Nine Charges
This is the element that makes gaming operation fair for everyone participating in it and what guarantees its sustainability. The allocations are later on used for various local projects in need of funding that improve residents’ lives.
Illegal gaming dens do nothing to the community in this sense and are considered harmful. The former chief of the First Nation community was accused of overseeing a gaming den welcoming tribal members and at the beginning of June, he had to defend himself before the local court.
It could be recalled that last year a Royal Canadian Mounted Police raid revealed a location considered being an illegal gambling house. It featured 11 Video Lottery Terminals, a bingo machine, as well as an ATM that supposedly made the gaming operation even easier. Back in September 2018, he was accused of being the mastermind behind the illegal operation and he had to prepare for June 2019 and the official court hearing.

Dresden Raceway Launches 2019 Live Season, Gateway Casinos Still Supports It

He pleaded not guilty on charges under the Criminal Code for the illegal operation of the alleged gambling den. Furthermore, he was also accused of breaching the Lotteries Act of Newfoundland and Labrador and the regulations coming with it.
November Sees Trial Dates
Every gaming operation happening without the mandatory license issued by the province is considered illegal. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has not issued any permit allowing a gaming house within the First Nation. Mr. Penashue is about to return to court in November and he would be joined by Mary Gregoire, linked to the same gaming operation.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

The former chief would defend himself, whereas Mrs. Gregoire would have to report solely. What should also be taken into account is that the two individuals have also been in possession of weapons, which was discovered during the RCMP raid on site. Along with the gaming den charges, they would have to face three charges linked to illegal weapon possession of a .22 caliber air rifle.

Newfoundland and Labrador Lottery Enthusiasts Pour CA$265M Into Lottery Games

In the meantime, Atlantic Lottery Corporation is also linked to another lawsuit, this time a class-action one involving more than 30,000 individuals directly affected by Video Lottery Terminals operation. The groundbreaking lawsuit claims that the devices are deceiving by nature and should cease operation in Newfoundland and Labrador that could later change other provinces attitude as well.

Pancakes and BBQ at Chances Casino Abbotsford Attract Fundraising Enthusiasts

Casino venues have many ways in which they could help their host community and boost its development. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is among the avid supporters of all charity organizations and ideas, which is evident by the annual fundraising events taking place in Abbotsford.
The local Chances Casino recently held its traditional food bank fundraising event that exceeded expectations. Just like every year before, for the eighth time in a row, the month of July is ready to step up its game and give more to the community.
The annual food bank fundraiser taking place at Chances Casino Abbotsford took the area by swing and managed to offer considerable support to the Archway Food Bank of Abbotsford. This year was a special one, as the event managed to exceed all expectations and previous projections when it comes to the proceeds amassed.
Fundraiser Surpasses Expectations
What attracted people to the event was not only the supporting role they would have to the good cause but also the delicious food welcoming them in the morning on Canada Day. Everyone interested had the chance to enjoy a full-blown pancake breakfast free-of-charge.
All they had to do is bring a non-perishable item and donate it to the good cause. This transformed the morning into a great festivity for all early birds ready to support the food bank in Abbotsford as soon as possible.

Chatham, London Ready for Booming Casino Operation Powered by Gateway Casinos

In order to extend the gathering all the way to the evening, organizers were ready to offer a vibrant barbecue afternoon on site. Red 21 Tap + Grill made sure to deliver its best performance and elevate the entire experience. This part of the event featured a price tag.

Hiawatha Horse Park Says Yes to Gateway Casinos Slots after a 6-Year Hiatus

Individuals had to pay some CA$6 for their presence there and the delicious barbecue. In return, they received a hot dog or a burger, in addition to chips and a drink. All proceeds amassed during the afternoon barbecue congregation are going to go straight to the food bank and support its future operation.
More than 3,000 People Benefit
What should be taken into account is that this year will go down in history as the most successful food bank fundraising event up until now. A total of CA$1,785 was amassed during the special event and this amount of cash set a new record for the food bank. It should be taken into account that the event has been in progress for eight years and up until now it had never surpassed this amount.

Gateway Casinos Purchases North Bay Land, Prepares for Groundbreaking

In addition to the cash generated as a result of it, the event also amassed some 1,000 pounds of food that would be utilized by the organization and delivered to people in need. For reference, the food bank has been able to amass more than 3,000 pounds of food up until now, meaning that for a single day the event managed to attract nearly one-third of the eight-year overall record.

Gateway Casinos Swells Staff to 8,648 Employees with Latest Expansion Move

More than 3,000 individuals benefit from the support sprinkled across the community. Gateway Casinos is ready to support the fundraiser and offer its casino venue as the location which would attract the largest crowd.

Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

Both instant scratch tickets and the traditional lottery draws are able to make one’s life much easier and hassle-free. Almost all Crown corporations praised winners bagging their prizes, such as the Manitoba couple winning some CA$111,069.10 and finding it hard to believe.
William and Margaret Dumas hail from Thompson and are now much richer than they were at the beginning of this summer. As it often happens with larger cash payouts, the couple decided to take some time for consideration, reevaluation, and mental preparation for the grand prize coming their way.
The lucky Lotto 6/49 draw the two of them benefitted from was the July 27 one. As a result of their small ticket purchase, they became much richer, but the good news seemed quite unreal at first. Mr. Dumas found out about the prize and was quick to tell his wife, who refused to believe him.
Enthusiasts Celebrate Jackpots
Mrs. Dumas said that she needed another coffee before she was able to comprehend the amount of money she saw. A couple of months later, the two of them contacted the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and claimed their prize. It would be used for covering some outstanding payments and planning a brighter future.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

Another couple, this time from British Columbia recently received a Lotto MAX Extra jackpot reaching CA$500,000. Tammy and Herb Bahm of Terrace are the fortunate winners that have Lotto MAX to thank for their hassle-free future. The two of them were among the regular players eagerly anticipating the August 16 draw bringing many prizes.
Mrs. Bahm was the one sharing the good news, as she was scanning the lottery tickets she had purchased earlier. The innovative British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app allows players to scan their tickets and quickly find out whether they had won or not.

Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

Such scanning eliminates the possibility of seeing the wrong numbers and wasting time comparing the drawn numbers with those printed on the lottery ticket. In Mrs. Bahm’s case, it served as a shortcut to happiness.
Many of them Rely on the Lotto Apps
Mr. Bahm was at work when his wife called him and told him they are much richer now. Now it is time for planning, as the two of them would make a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with their motorcycles. The two of them have a Harley Davidson Road King and a Classic Heritage, which would be taken on an adventure in the foreseeable future. Their retirement would also benefit from the major windfall.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

Lotto MAX was also generous to a player from Ontario, who has the September 6 draw to thank for his heftier bank account. Robert Reid of Barrie recently bagged his CA$188,207.50. He was able to match the six winning numbers of that draw, as well as the bonus one, which resulted in a generous slice of the overall prize.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

He recalled that the lucky purchase was made at the local Young Convenience on Minet’s Point Road. Quebec also had a winner to brag about, this time hailing from Laval. Ghislaine Germain won some CA$157,668 for her Lotto MAX ticket purchase ahead of the August 27 draw. The special ticker was bought at the Jean Coutu pharmacy in Sainte-Rose.

Ontario Welcomes Hefty CA$1m Lottery Prizes While Someone Still Hesitates

Lottery jackpots have recently made their way to their winners across Canada, a life-changing event for many of them. Lotto 6/49 proved its generosity once again by throwing CA$1-million prizes around like confetti. Group of six individuals was among the lucky players bagging CA$1,000,000.

The Lotto 6/49 fans hailing from Ontario would have to divide it equally and prepare for everything good coming in their life. September 25 was the lucky day for the six players participating in group lottery gaming. Four of them hail from Tavistock, one is located in New Hamburg, whereas the sixth player is a Mount Albert resident. All of them wanted to lay their hands on a prize, even if it would have to be divided among a group of players.
Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity

At the end of the day, it is a bonding experience connecting complete strangers forever. The six players became eligible for the cash payout on September 25 but they took their time before claiming the prize. William Ferguson is one of the winners who spoke on behalf of the group. Upon hearing that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is seeking the winner of a CA$1-million prize, they were quick to check the group ticket.

B.C. Players Snatch Consecutive Lotto MAX Windfalls, Ontario Grabs CA$18m

They made the winning purchase in Tavistock, at the local Tavistock Gas and Variety, meaning that the retail location is now eligible for a one-percent allocation of the overall prize. Now the winners are going to use their respective share of the prize to cover bills, as well as for some home projects they have been postponing.

Montérégie Attracts Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Cash Piles Reaching CA$34.5m

Another Ontario player recently became a lotto millionaire, as the November 13 draw highlighted a winning Lotto 6/49 ticket sold in Guelph. Whoever is in possession of the lucky piece of paper has 52 weeks to claim their prize and celebrate their grand prize at an official ceremony. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed that the winner is eligible for the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize coming with every regular Lotto 6/49 draw.
Mississauga Player Has Yet to Bag Prize
This particular draw-based game enjoys wide popularity across Canada, but Ontario appears to be like a magnet for its jackpots. A couple hailing from Callander recently received their CA$1-milllion prize once again thanks to their winning purchase of a Lotto 6/49 ticket. It happened ahead of the October 26 draw, a special one for Paul and Helen Gobby.

Quebec Lotto MAX Enthusiast Could Soon Bag CA$32m Main Prize

The retired couple frequents lottery retail locations in order to purchase tickets ahead of the next draw, but upon realizing they are winners now, none of them could believe their eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Gobby shed a tear or two and the sheer happiness was palpable at the special ceremony. The retail location eligible for one percent of the prize is City Centre Convenience in North York.

Winners Think Alike: Lotto 6/49 CA$9m Jackpot Split between Provinces

While many lucky players receive their fresh cash, there is someone in Ontario still hesitating. The Crown corporation revealed that an Encore Lotto 6/49 ticket is about to reach its expiry date very soon. November 28 is the deadline for the collection of CA$100,000. The winning ticket was sold in Mississauga ahead of the November 28, 2018 draw of the popular lottery game.

IIGET Buried after Alleged Criminal Entered BC Gaming Scene, Report

The true extent of money laundering and organized crime in British Columbia is yet to be revealed as it recently turned out. A report the RCMP worked on in January 2009 revealed that an individual with connections to the organized crime network of Asia was given permission to become a stakeholder of an undisclosed casino. Later on, they became an employee of the same casino operator.

When conducting work in the casino industry and obtaining a license for operation, the casino operator is obliged to take into account all existing regulations and trigger background checks on owners, staff members, as well as any individuals related to the future operation of the casino location. Denis Meunier, former Deputy Director of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada expressed his surprise.
Asian Organized Crime Links

Mr. Meunier made it clear that the mandatory step of background check might have been purposefully skipped and this is a breach of the regulations in effect. He added that such misconduct of the due diligence should not be overlooked, as it shows the weak areas of British Columbia’s regulations. There is a loophole that has enabled this to take place.

February 24 Greenlights Cullen Commission Money Laundering Public Inquiry

The report in question has not identified the individual who had become a stakeholder in the casino and later on an employee within its structure. Shedding more light on the underground world of British Columbia has been among the goals of this report, airing some of the provincial dirty laundry. Criminals have targeted British Columbia Lottery Corporation overseeing the gaming locations within the province, as the report suggested.

Beware of Bank Accounts Used for Money Laundering, Fintrac Warns

Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team should be able to keep a close eye on any suspicious operation taking place within the province, but while the stakeholder was purchasing his way into the casino, the unit was facing illegal casinos sprinkled across the province. All funding comes from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Soon after that, in 2009, the unit saw the end of its existence.
Former Crown prosecutor Sandy Garossino expressed surprise by the methodical manner of this disbanding, which had steered the pot in the past and ever since. It raises more questions than answers. Back in 2018, Fred Pinnock, the former chief of IIGET shared that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the former Liberal government did nothing to tackle illegal money laundering schemes despite the warnings.

Ex-Casino Staff Feels Embarrassed Money Laundering Went on for Years in B.C.

He claimed that the authorities in question all knew that organized criminal activity was run in the province’s casinos and racetracks. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report of the beginning of 2009 claims that the integrity of the British Columbia gaming field is questionable following the aforementioned discoveries. In relation to these pieces of information, former British Columbia solicitor general Rich Coleman stated that the IIGET was rendered unable to do its job.

Ex IIGET Chief’s Controversial Money Laundering Stance Stirs the Pot Once Again

The end of 2019 brought the news that the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch would become the Independent Gambling Control Office with the help of an amendment to the existing Gaming Control Act of Canada. This transition would give the former enforcement branch bigger independence to operate and achieve its set goals. Moreover, The Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering issued the official timeline for the upcoming months of public hearings. February 24 is about to see the official launch of this process.

Caesars Windsor Contributes to CA$29.7m Budget Hole

Caesars Windsor is ready to welcome back individuals ready to gamble in-person, as it has remained closed over the past four months. The City Council recently issued more information about the estimated financial hit resulting from the closures. It could reach up to CA$29.7 million over this year. July 13 is going to see the complete report on the subject.

For weeks and months, vital areas of the city have remained closed for business, as the province of Ontario has mandated physical distancing. Health protection was a leading factor when the province issued its measures back in March. Ever since then locations such as Caesars Windsor, Windsor International Airport, Enwin Utilities, and the Detroit-Windsor tunnel have remained closed.
Deficit across Windsor

Nearly four months after the lockdown it is time for an evaluation of the impact and the foreseeable future. Projections at this point of the lockdown are that the financial woes could climb all the way to CA$29.7 million. Revenue loss due to the closing of these areas and especially due to the lack of gambling revenue is going to leave a significant indent in the city coffers.

Caesars Windsor Supports Caregivers Mental Health

The revenue loss is not the only thing that would affect the coffers. When all is said and done the City Council projects some CA$36.6 million in revenue losses. The unprecedented situation around the globe and in Canada came with its costs. The budget had to put aside some CA$15.4 million in order to meet the expectations of the community when it comes to safety measures and protection.

Caesars Windsor Enters Ontario Casino Modernization Process

Health recommendations had to be followed strictly once they were issued, which called for the unexpected budget costs. Mayor Drew Dilkens stated that the reality exceeded the expectations when it comes to financial loss. He also said that the provincial government should provide support in these trying times. He is going to join other Ontario city mayors in a conversation regarding the budget deficit.
Casino Prepares for Reopening
Caesars Windsor is one of the main engines for the region, as it provides Windsor with regular gaming revenue allocations along with support for various local projects and charitable organizations. It should also be taken into account that the casino resort also makes it possible for many locals to find a reliable workplace in their area and build a career within the structure of the casino resort.

Caesars Windsor Fortifies Eco-Friendly Agenda Powered By Renewable Sources

Stage Three of the business reopening plan issued by Ontario’s government is the period that is going to see the official reopening of brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls. For the time being, the province has not highlighted the particular date when this next phase is about to commence. Kevin Laforet, President of Caesars Windsor, stated that the gaming venue is now completely ready to welcome patrons.

Caesars Windsor Gets Set for New Management Coming 2020 Setting Realistic Expectations

In the meantime, Detroit casino operation is ready to receive a green light, as MGM Grand Detroit Casino has implemented safety protocols protecting both casino patrons and the staff members. Meanwhile, Ontario gaming venues remain closed and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation relies on online gaming and lottery ticket sales only.